Society for the Teaching of Psychology: Division 2 of the American Psychological Association

Annual Conference on Teaching Inclusion and Accessibility

The Annual Conference on Teaching is committed to creating a conference experience that is inclusive and accessible to all who are interested in participating.  Some aspects of our conference that reflect this commitment are:

  • The Equity, Inclusion, and Liberation theme added to the conference programming beginning in 2021
  • A commitment to have at least one keynote each year that pertains to equity and inclusion
  • Free meeting space for members of STP's Affinity Groups
  • Required attestation to our Code of Conduct at the time of registration
  • A pricing structure that offers discounted rates to students, high school teachers, and contingent faculty
  • The availability of conference travel grants
  • Availability of programming in on-site, synchronous online, and asynchronous online modalities
  • Use of microphones for in-person presentations and captions for all presentations
  • Availability of additional accessibility supports in advance of the on-site and/or virtual portions of the conference, upon request (If you'd like to request now, you can email Lindsay Masland at, or you can wait until completing the registration form, which inquires about accessibility needs.)
  • Alt-text for basic images and text-only accessible alternatives for complex images (i.e., a text-based doc explaining an infographic)
  • Commitment to the review and enhancement the accessibility of all printed, digital, and social media materials, as recommended by experts such as Accessible Social

Also, please note that our commitment to accessibility and inclusion will forever be in a state of growth, as participant needs change and as own our awareness deepens. To this end, we invite anyone with recommendations that pertain to inclusion or accessibility to fill out this form. (Note that it can be submitted fully anonymously).

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