Call for Proposals for Projects or Sponsorship Requests

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP) is pleased to announce a program to support projects or sponsorships that 1) do not fall within existing grant or programming categories, or 2) fit within an existing grant or programming category but exceed the maximum funding amount by $2,000. Consistent with our Mission Statement and the Statement on Addressing Systemic Racism and Inequity in STP, we encourage applications from colleagues who are from underrepresented groups and have diverse backgrounds and experiences.

This program allows members of STP to propose new projects or ideas that would help to further the mission and aims of the Society but are not a part of the Society’s currently available programming or grants.

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed by the Executive Committee at one of four review meetings annually. Funding is dependent on the health of STP’s short- and long-term investment holdings each year. Funded projects must be completed during the calendar year designated; any multi-year requests must specify funding for the first year of the request and will require resubmission and review each year.

Grant recipients must provide a W9 to the STP Treasurer prior to disbursement and a final report must be submitted to the VP of Awards and Grants following project completion. Course buyouts, if part of the proposal, should be funded at a level commensurate with the practice of the institution of the recipient, and will be provided directly to the Institution. Policies regarding STP grant programs can be found here.

The Executive Committee reserves the right to refer proposals submitted for this program to other, currently available grants or programs if it determines that the proposal would fit best under the criteria for those grants or programs.

Proposal Guidelines

Page Limit: 5 pages

In your proposal, please address the following prompts:

1. General Description of the Project/Funding Request - Please provide a title for the project or funding request, describe the purpose for the request, and indicate why STP is an appropriate organization to fund the request.

2. Evidence for the Need for this Project/Funding Request – Please provide evidence that there is a need for this project or event. The definition of “evidence” will vary based on the type of request.

3. How will this project/event/funding request benefit teachers of psychology and/or STP members? - Please specify the target audience (e.g., secondary school psychology teachers, teachers of introductory psychology, teachers of a specific course, pre-tenure college teachers) and indicate how the request fits a need that is not currently being met by other STP initiatives.

4. Project/Event Timeline – Please note that funding will be granted for one calendar year (January 1 through December 31); please specify the calendar year in the proposal. Proposals that request multiyear support may be considered but will require resubmission and review each year. During this review, the EC may vote to renew or discontinue funding.

5. Expected Outcomes of the Project/Event – In addition to describing the outcomes of the project (e.g., resources, publications, creation of new events, etc.) please also provide information about the anticipated number of teachers of psychology and/or STP members who will be affected by your proposal/event. Finally, provide details about how you will assess the efficacy of your project/event. Please note: Each funded project will be required to provide an initial report, including assessment information, prior to October 1 of the calendar year of funding. The Executive Committee may withhold some or all of the funds until this report is submitted.

6. Budget – Provide a total amount requested and a detailed list of how funds will be used. Please specify how funds will be distributed in the itemized list. We cannot fund requests for indirect costs. Please indicate whether and how you would be willing to go forward with the project/event in the case of partial support, and whether there are additional funding sources.

If you have questions, contact Keli Braitman, Vice President for Grants and Awards

To apply, click here (requires login).

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