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Welcome to the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP)


It is an honor to serve as the 2018 president for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP).

If you are a member of STP then I know you’ll agree when I say this is the most dedicated group of psychology instructors that you could ever meet. I found my professional home in STP about 20 years ago, and it’s no accident that most of my professional service has been to this organization. It was through the resources STP provides and through the countless conversations about teaching we’ve had -- at conferences, through PsychTeacher, and more recently, through Facebook and Twitter – that have made me a better instructor. 

If you are not a member of STP, but have found the resources and opportunities for conversations that STP provides have also made you a better Instructor, I invite you to give back to STP by joining us. Your $25/year helps us continue to help all of us become better at our craft.

If you have ideas on how STP can better serve you or if you’d like to just talk teaching, please contact me ( or visit with me at a conference. In 2018, you can find me at NITOP, EDUCAUSE Learning Institute, EPA, RMPA, WPA, BISTOPS, the APA Convention, ACT, and GSTA Pedagogy Day.

 One of the many fun things about being STP president is having task forces. If you are an STP member (even if you just joined!) and if any of these task forces interest you, I encourage you to apply. Please send your CV and a letter of interest to me at by January 21, 2018.

1.       STP Presidential Task Force on Re-Envisioning Intro Psych

With over one million students taking Intro Psych annually, it is the most important course in our curriculum. This is the course that tells our future politicians, engineers, business leaders, and medical personnel the value psychology holds for public policy, for our work lives, and for our home lives. With that audience in mind, if we were to create an Intro Psych course today, what would it look like? What content from our current course should we remove? What content should we add? What big ideas from each content area should our students be walking away with? What are the themes that run throughout the discipline?

2.       STP Presidential Task Force on Promoting the Value of the Psychology Bachelor’s Degree
Of the 1.8 million U.S. students holding a bachelor’s as their highest degree, 73% (about 1.3 million) are in the workforce (2015 numbers). It’s not uncommon for our bachelor’s students to say apologetically that they have great jobs, but they’re not using their degree – jobs like human resources, management, marketing, sales, and real estate. It’s obvious to faculty what psychology brings to those fields, so how can we help our students to both see the skills and knowledge they developed through their degree program as well as see how those skills and that knowledge apply to whatever career field they choose? How can we help our bachelor’s students better market themselves to employers? Further, how can we better help employers see the value our psychology baccalaureates will add to their organization?
3.       STP Presidential Task Force on Restructuring the STP Graduate Student Teaching Association

Currently, STP’s Graduate Student Teaching Association (GSTA) is housed at a university for a 3-year term. What are the pros and cons of this current model? What other models could there be for how GSTA is organized? What are the pros and cons of these models? With this information in hand, how should GSTA be structured?

I’m looking forward to working with you in 2018! 

Sue Frantz
President, Society for the Teaching of Psychology

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