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Welcome to the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP)

August 1, 2018

The APA convention is upon us. For those who will be in San Francisco, please join us for the STP social hour(s) from 2pm to 4pm on Thursday, August 9 at the Jamber Wine Pub at 838 Folsom Street, just a 5-minute walk from the convention center. If you haven’t planned out your convention activities  yet, please check out the stellar program Jamie McMinn (Westminster College) has once put together for us.

Speaking of APA, your STP Executive Committee is happy to announce our endorsement of Sandy Shullman for APA president.

And speaking of conferences, STP’s Annual Conference on Teaching (ACT) is this October 19th and 20th in Phoenix. Shout out to Jordan Troisi for his excellent work on getting his ACT together. (Sorry.) Download the tentative schedule. Please be there by Friday at 8:30 am to hear the indomitable David Myers talk (Teaching Psychological Science in a Post-Truth Age), applaud this year’s teaching award recipients, and then attend the relatively brief STP Business Meeting to hear what your STP Executive Committee and the incredible volunteers that make up STP’s committees, task forces, directors, and editors have been working on since last year’s ACT.

And speaking of those committees, task forces, directors, and editors…

You make it all happen!

If you’re a member of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, we are very happy to have you as part of our family! When you’re ready to get more involved, please check out the Get Involved page for new opportunities.

If you like what the Society for the Teaching of Psychology does, but are not yet a member, please join us. Only $25/year supports everything that STP does for the teaching of psychology and, for you, it opens up professional development, professional service, and funding opportunities.

Sue Frantz
President, Society for the Teaching of Psychology

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