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STP Fellows

Current Fellows of APA Division 2

This link contains a the list of current Fellows of APA Division 2 - The Society for the Teaching of Psychology. This list is to be used to help in the nomination process and as an aid to making requests for supporting endorsement letters.

Call for Fellows Applications

Application Deadline: December 31.

The Fellows Committee invites applications for APA Fellow status for members of STP (APA Division 2) who are also APA members. Consistent with our Mission Statement and the Statement on Addressing Systemic Racism and Inequity in STP, we encourage applications from colleagues who are from underrepresented groups and have diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The Society’s criteria for APA Fellow Status include the following:

  • Conducted research on the scholarship of teaching
  • Recognized as an outstanding teacher, as documented by evaluations by colleagues, students, and administrators
  • Contributed to the development of innovative curricula, courses, and teaching methods and materials
  • Engaged in the training of teachers
  • Facilitated teaching through service as an administrator
  • Provided service to the Society for the Teaching of Psychology and/or other organizations that foster the teaching of psychology

Applicants need not meet all the above criteria. Examples of significant contributions are below. For all criteria, applicants need to demonstrate that they have met APA's principal criterion for selection to Fellow status -- that is, that they have made "unusual and outstanding contribution or performance in the field of psychology and that their contributions have national and/or international impact.

Applicants Who Are Current APA Fellows

Current APA Fellows who have been a member of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2) for two consecutive years will be evaluated based on the criteria for APA Fellow status in STP, listed above. Applicants are asked to submit the following to the Fellows Committee Chairperson ( by the December 31 deadline:

  • an electronic copy of the applicant’s curriculum vita.
  • the names of two Fellows of Division Two who have agreed to support the application. Letters from endorsers are not required.*
  • a 1-2 page letter outlining how the applicant has met the criteria listed above. It is not necessary to provide supporting evidence for all the criteria.*

This documentation will provide evidence to the Society's Fellows Committee that the applicant has met APA's principal criterion for selection to Fellow status, that is, that they have made "unusual and outstanding contribution or performance in the field of psychology."

 *If the committee members need additional information to evaluate the application, they will contact the applicant and/or their endorsers.

Applicants Applying to be New APA Fellows

Applicants will be evaluated based on their ability to (a) provide strong letters of endorsement from at least three current APA Fellows and (b) documentation in support of the criteria listed above, but not necessarily in all areas. These endorsement letters and supporting documentation will provide evidence first to the Society's Fellows Committee and subsequently to APA's Membership Committee, Board of Directors, and Council of Representatives.  Deadline for receipt of completed applications including all endorsement letters and other supporting material is December 31. Applications completed after that date will be considered during the next selection process.

The Fellows application process for new APA Fellows is online. To begin, go to the APA Online Application Platform. This system allows applicants, endorsers and division fellows chairs to submit all required documents electronically. Note that the applicant and all endorsers must be current APA members/Fellows (i.e., dues up-to-date); otherwise they cannot login. All fellows applications must be added to the online system to be considered by the Fellows Committee. Materials should not be submitted directly to the Division Fellows Committee Chair.

Applicants should visit APA's "How to Apply" page for a listing of APA's criteria for Fellow status, suggestions for preparing the APA Fellows Application, instructions for initial fellow applicants, instructions for endorsers, and other information.

Send any questions about the application process to:

Doug Woody, Chair of Fellows Committee 

Examples of Significant Contributions

Please note that this is a list of examples, and is not intended to be exhaustive.

 A. Significant Research or Publications Advancing the Teaching of Psychology

  • Books, Chapters, Articles, including outstanding, high-impact textbooks or exceptional publications that are accessible and educational for the public.

B. Recognition of Contributions to Teaching by Significant National Organizations

  • Awards or other recognition from such groups as American Psychological Foundation and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

C. Leadership Roles or Major Contributions to National Programs Advancing Teaching of Psychology (e.g., Advanced Placement Psychology Program, NSF, National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, or other national institutes or programs supporting teaching of psychology).

  • This could include leadership in programs that may originate as regional, but which have evolved to significant national status (e.g., Southeast Conference on the Teaching of Psychology) or teaching institutes associated with such regional organizations as the Western Psychological Association or the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association.

D. Significant Leadership Roles in the Society for the Teaching of Psychology

  • National officer, major editorial contributions to Teaching of Psychology journal.
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